Luda & Otis’s Human: Pete Dubuc, Operations Supervisor Luda’s Favorite Planet Dog Toy: Orbee-Tuff Holiday Bulb Otis’s Favorite Planet Dog Toy: Orbee-Tuff Mint While preparing to move down to North Carolina with his wife 11 years ago, The Dubucs more

We have been having so much fun with these holiday gift giveaways! Thanks everyone for playing! Our last giveaway is PERFECT for the bully breed lover on your list. We have teamed up with our dear friends at Original more

We can't deny it... we love Puppy Bowl and our friends over at Animal Planet. We have been so lucky over the years to have our products right on the field at past events. But... we didn't know we more

As you know, we take sustainability seriously. When it came to redesigning our trade show booth, we knew we wanted sustainability to be top of mind in the process. We collaborated with The FourOne Group to create a booth more

Dogs are being trained specifically for veterans behind prison walls and it is wonderful In some prisons around the country, inmates are training and preparing service dogs for placement with veterans who need them. Recently, we had the honor more