Job Opportunities at Planet Dog

Job Opportunities at Planet Dog

Planet Dog Store - Groom Shop

The Planet Dog Store is looking for an experienced groomer to join their groom shop staff on a part time basis moving to a full time basis in late summer! Job skills need to include but are not limited to: safely handling and grooming all breeds and sizes of dogs while meeting customer requests and expectations. The right candidate would also be fielding in-store customer inquiries, maintaining a clean, safe work environment for people and dogs, answering phones and scheduling appointments. The candidate would be welcoming, upbeat and sensitive to accommodating all customers including the walk in services we offer: nail trims, ear cleaning and anal gland expression. The right candidate would be flexible to work weekdays and on weekends, is hard working, a self-starter and thrives working in a team environment. The right candidate is looking to want to grow with our amazing Maine business and specifically bring experience and expertise to our wonderful Groom Shop team. At late summer, the part-time position will move to full-time hours which then will allow employee to be eligible for health benefits, dental benefits and to participation in our IRA. Planet Dog also offers a generous employee discount at our store. Employees are also able to bring their well-behaved dog to work with after 4 months of steady employment!

This is an hourly/commissioned position based on the candidates grooming experience.

Please send a cover letter, resume and 3 non-family references (with which you have known minimally 3 years) to head groomer, Michelle Lampron at


Professional Dog Grooming: 3 years (Required)