Planet Dog FAQ

We love hearing from our customers. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you think you have a good one we should add to our list, contact us.

What is Orbee-Tuff?

Orbee-tuff is a plastic we developed and has no latex in it. It’s a thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) to be precise, but instead of using any of the chemical softeners (such as Phthalates or BPAs) used in vinyl and other plastics we use White Olefinic oil to soften, which is very much like Baby oil and completely safe. We also add a small amount of essential Peppermint oil. Our toys have been tested and shown to be non-toxic many times since Orbee-tuff was introduced 10 years ago.

We take pride in working to make our toys just as safe for our furry children as the human ones. They should be fine for you and your dog.

Are all of your products made in the USA?

100% of all our toys and treats are made in the USA! Our Hemp collars, leashes and harnesses, as well as our display fixtures are manufactured with long-standing partners in China. 

How do I remove my new toy's hang tag?

We suggest grabbing the hang tag in the middle and yanking up. Quickly pulling the plastic tags out through the Orbee material, as it doesn't cause any harm to the products. This method doesn’t leave any plastic pieces sticking out. Please do not cut the hang tags, this will cause plastic pieces to remain in the product. 

How do I return my product?

We stand behind our products because they are made using the highest quality materials. Our products are guaranteed to be non-toxic and free of manufacturing defects. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply contact our Customer Service team at Our policy is to provide a one-time replacement or alternative product based on your specific needs. Only purchases made through Planet Dog are eligible for a full refund.